Tema: AvioFuel

02 May 2015

AvioFuel 2 now available

AvioFuel 2 comes with a full design overhaul for iOS 7/8 and the latest iPhone models, with new functionalities and lots of improvements. This is a free update for all current AvioFuel users.

17 Dec 2014

AvioFuel in the Top 10 Aviation apps

AvioFuel has been featured (again) by iPad Pilot News, as one of the Top Ten aviation apps (‘that you might not have heard of’). Moreover, it has reached an amazing 5th place on the list!

15 Nov 2013

AvioFuel featured by Sportys

AvioFuel has been featured by the Sporty’s Pilot Shop on their iPad Pilot News website, along with a few other high quality pilot apps. I was delighted to find my fuel calculator app on the list. Take a look!

14 Nov 2009

AvioFuel Story

This is the story of a small HP-48g program, and its transition into an full-featured, nice-looking iPhone application. If you are new to IOS Development, this article might inspire you somehow.