Your Mac's health at a glance

Check system temperatures, fan speeds and RAM usage with this widget for the macOS Notification Center


Designed from scratch to provide a clean and nice-looking User Interface


Highly optimized, battery-friendly app that barely uses any system resources


Fully customizable widget that shows the data you are really interested in


VitalSigns 2.34

1. Unzip and move VitalSigns to the Applications folder.
2. Run VitalSigns and set your preferences.
3. Activate the widget in the Notification Center.

Requires macOS 10.11 or later
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VitalSigns is free. No ads, no limitations. If you are using it regularly, please consider making a donation for the amount you think it's worth. Thanks for your support!.

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"[VitalSigns] is a clean and easy-to-use option that will make a useful tool in your Mac arsenal."

"If you’re looking for a free and simple option, VitalSigns dumps info from various sensors into your Notification Center."

" VitalSigns is a fully-customizable widget that keeps an eye on important information about your Mac’s system resources."

"It's worth having a look at VitalSigns, which offers a competitive solution for monitoring."

Fully customizable

Use the Setup application to pick the sections and system components you want to include in the widget. You can also choose your preferred units here.

For your convenience, the setup application can be launched from the widget at any time.

Advanced features

Most Macs have several temperature sensors for each system component. In VitalSigns, the one with the highest temperature is selected by default, but you can change it at any time.

Just click the little gear icon when hovering your mouse over a system component and choose a sensor from the list.

Visual style

Fan speeds are displayed through animated gauges, for a quick and easy interpretation. If you want more accuracy, numerical values are also shown for each fan.

You may choose between absolute RPM readings and percentage of maximum fan speed.

Smart design

A combined indicator shows the Physical, Used and Available memory in your system at any given time. This section also shows how your RAM is currently being used.

Both the Setup application and the Widget use the same graphics style for a meaningful, consistent look.

Notification Center widget

Hardware sensors are grouped in different sections for quick access and a cleaner look. The widget has been designed to save precious space in the Notification Center, showing clear and readable indications. All sensor readings are updated in real-time.

You can use the Configure button to open the Setup application and make any changes you want.

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